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Monday, November 16, 2009

Counting Crows - Omaha

Omaha is in Nebraska. Nebraska is in the Midwest. The Midwest is in the middle of the USA. This band is called the Counting Crows. They are singing this song in Illinois, which is also in the Midwest. The Counting Crows and this song were very popular when your teacher (if you are in Kate's Class) was your age!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Randy Bachman and Neil Young - Prairie Town

This week we will focus on the Mid-West. That is in the middle of the USA. We learned last month that the biome there is mostly grassland. So it is temperate (hot summers and very cold winters) and flat. This video is Neil Young and Randy Bachman singing about life in a small town in the Mid-West.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Selections from Oh Brother Where Art Thou

These are from the wonderful movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". It happens in the South. Some of you will know the singer in the middle of the first clip. That is George Clooney. He starred in the movie. This is one of those movies most everyone has seen. It was filmed mostly in Mississippi. Mississippi is in the South.

Man of Constant Sorrow

Go to Sleep Little Babe

You Are My Sunshine

And My Favorite
Down in the River to Pray

Jessica - Allman Brothers

Southern Music Week would not be complete without The Allman Brothers!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keep on Smilin' - Wet Willie

Wet Willie's Keep on Smilin' was named one of the top ten Southern Rock songs. So of course we need to hear it while we study the American South.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blind Boys of Alabama

This week we are learning about the Southeastern USA. Alabama is a state in the Southeastern USA. The Blind Boys of Alabama are blind, that means they cannot see. Some students in our class cannot see or have trouble seeing. The Blind Boys of Alabama are very famous for their music. The music they play is called Southern Gospel.

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The past few years I have shown a video of the day, usually a music video, as a way to increase cultural currency, create a greater connection to age appropriate music for my students with multiple disabilities and reinforce whatever theme we are working on. This school year I found myself struggling each morning to choose a video of the day on the spur of the moment (perhaps I am getting old?). Thus I began this blog so that I can pre-post videos of the day for my students to view at morning meeting. Our routine does not have time at this point for viewing multiple videos daily and voting, although other classrooms like ours are doing so, check out Alicia's Class Video of the Day. Most of these videos will correspond somehow to the Unique Learning System, seasonal holidays/activities or just music we have been talking about or enjoying in the classroom on the radio or our iPod touch.


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